Jumat, 27 April 2012


Young and talented, merupakan bagian dari dalam diri inspiring people kita pada bulan ini. Di umurnya yang masih sangat muda, ia sudah mampu menginspirasi banyak orang lewat postingan-postingan foto yang ia tampilkan di blog fashion miliknya yaitu arnoldteja.blogspot.com. Arnold Teja, merupakan satu dari sekian banyak fashion blogger muda dari Indonesia yang memiliki karakter yang kuat didalamnya. Beberapa waktu yang lalu, kami berhasil mewawancarai the gorgeous Arnold Teja, here it is :)

TGIF: “Bisa ceritakan sedikit tentang diri kamu?”  

ARNOLD: “Hello, my name is Arnold Teja and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm just your typical high school sophomore who loves pretty clothes and stuffs and then blogging about it.”

TGIF: “Sejak kapan mulai menyenangi dunia Fashion?” 

ARNOLD:  “I've had so much passion and respect it from a young age. I'm amazed how fashion works like magic-making people look and feel more beautiful than they otherwise might”

TGIF: “Bisa mendeskripsikan personal style kamu?”

ARNOLD: “Constantly changing, but mostly casual with a touch of preppy. Let's just say awkwardly preppy”

TGIF: “Sudah berapa lama kamu menulis di blog?” 

ARNOLD: “I started blogging, approximately one year ago”

TGIF: "There is no such thing as too young to do something you're passionate about."

ARNOLD: “I don't have one specific fashion icon, bits and pieces of people inspire me as a role model. But recently I'm obsessed with Pelayo Diaz style. I love how he space balances masculine and feminine styles so perfectly.”

TGIF: “Jika nantinya kamu bekerja di dunia fashion, pekerjaan apa yang kamu inginkan dan kenapa?”  

ARNOLD: “I am looking forward to getting my hands in styling or fashion photography. Because
I don't think I'd qualify to be a fashion designer, because I'm not an expert in sketching and sewing.”

TGIF: “Bagaimana perkembangan fashion di Indonesia, based on your point of view?”

ARNOLD: “To start, I guess we can thank the internet. There are so many inspirations available in internet that indirectly makes our societies more open-minded and courageous about fashion. Nowadays Indonesian people are very conscious about the way they dress and look. The increasing fashion scene has not only increased the number of fashion designers but also given rise to several jobs related to the fashion market., tailors, makeup artists, hairstylists and many other jobs dependent on the fashion market have sprung up over the past few years.”

"Don’t mix styles, Less is More. Don’t wear bold colors, metallics, velvet, animal print and retro glamour all at once."- Arnold Teja 

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  1. Arnold, his divine fashion at his age
    Thx tgif for posting this :)

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

    1. That's why we choosed him as inspiring people for this month, glad you like it
      Thanks so much Fahmy :)

  2. uplifting, great interview! he is such an inspiring fashion blogger :D


  3. he is so cool and inspiring!!